Dedicar is a company with more than 17 years of experience, whose purpose is to satisfy patient company needs in the event of a health problem, bringing peace, satisfaction and support to our users and their families. By permanently training our staff, we combine agile and centralized coordination at affordable prices and high quality services, seeking continuous improvement and generating a bond of trust that ensures user satisfaction. Year after year we renew ourselves by obtaining the Quality Certification and Social Responsibility, offering new and better services with dedication, as our only alternative is to become better every day.


To provide the essential support required by a person during their hospitalization or when suffering from a medical condition at home, where support, love and dedication are key to a full recovery.


To be a leading organization throughout the Capital City (Montevideo) and provide excellent quality services, through a highly qualified and efficient team, committed to each and every one of our clients.

Certified Quality

In 2013 Dedicar obtained its quality certification, and in September 2016 it was certified under the latest version of the ISO 9001:2015 international quality standard for marketing, coordination, supervision and provision of hospital and in-home patient care services. Until then, it was the first company to be certified under the latest version of this international standard, and has also obtained certification in Organizational Social Responsibility under the WQO 2100:16 international standard.

Quality Policy

Dedicar is a patient care company with more than 17 years of experience in bringing peace, satisfaction and support to all our users and their families. Our staff receives training on an ongoing basis, whilst we strive to improve and generate a trusting bond with our clients to satisfy their needs and desires.Dedicar is a founding member of CUESA (Uruguayan Chamber of Patient Care Service Companies), thus ensuring and promoting a strict compliance with applicable legal provisions in force.



We are a company that values a strong work ethic, integrity and honesty, as well as strict compliance with applicable laws and DEDICAR’s commitments, policies and standards.

We are committed to sustainable environmental business practices that protect future generations.

We promote transparency as a fundamental tool to build trust and credibility in the company.

We respect and are open to cultural, traditional and gender diversity.

We integrate and ensure the satisfaction of all interested parties (employees, clients, suppliers, partners and reference entities) in order to create a good working environment and attain good results.

We care for and watch over the health and safety of our staff, visitors, suppliers and friends.

We act honestly with our competitors.



Our staff is made up of qualified nurses

On call 24/7

The fastest service coordination

Special deals for retirees and pensioners.

Seniority recognition from similar services

8, 12, 16 or 24-hour workloads per day.

Additional benefits at no cost.

Special discounts.

The best rates in the market

Individual and family plans

Combined coverage plans tailored to each member’s needs.