Automatic credit card payment

You can pay your monthly fee with the following credit cards:

Advance payment of invoices

Invoices can be paid in advance through Abitab or via the above-mentioned credit cards once arrangements have been made with our representatives over the phone.

Decentralized payment – Abitab Online

You can pay your monthly fee at any of the more than 300 Abitab payment outlets in country through the online system, which allows you to pay without the invoice, simply by providing the ID number of the service holder. Please keep the payment coupon as your receipt. Payments can be made from 1 to 15 of each month.

Retirement or pensioner account direct debit

You can set up direct debits from your retirement or pensioner account by simply providing a photocopy of your receipt when signing up for the service:


Bi-annual payment

By paying 5 months in advance you get the sixth month FREE

Annual payment

By paying 10 months in advance you get the following 2 months FREE


If you are already a member and would like to change your payment method, please contact our offices during business hours so that we can make the necessary arrangements.