FREE Dental Service includes:

Dental check-up and assessment

Emergency consultation

Dental prophylaxis

Conventional tooth extractions

Dental prosthesis repair

Up to 70% discount in other treatments

Optional Insurance Policy provided by

You can choose any of these policies at no charge:

Theft Insurance

In case of theft on the street or outside an ATM, you will be reimbursed up to $5,000 (Uruguayan pesos) of the cash you carry with you. In addition, if your bag or purse is stolen during the attack, you will be paid up to $3,000, documents such as identification cards up to $1,500, equipment such as your cell phone up to $3,000, including up to $1,500 for replacement of keys.

This coverage is provided by Sura through a simple and expedite procedure. Remember that to access these reimbursements, you must report the incident to the police and call SURA within 48 hours of the occurrence.

Hospital Indemnity or Life Insurance

This policy provides coverage in case of death of the insured from any cause excluding death from any pre-existing condition. In the event of hospital indemnity, it covers $500 per day for hospitalizations due to accidents. The maximum of days to be reimbursed is 30 per year with a 3 day grace period. The age limit for this benefit is 65.

Benefits valid for Plus Plans contracted on March 15, 2018 onwards. Dental benefits are valid during the first 6 months of the membership agreement. LED TV benefit is valid for 24-hour Plus option plans contracted from February 20, 2020 onwards.

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